Light of Dawn Healing Massage


Light of Dawn Healing Massage is now permanently closed. 

I wish to thank all my wonderful clients for your support and friendship over the past years.

I wish you all - stay safe and healthy

Take care!



By Sangtawan

License #57418



My name is Sangtawan.  I am originally from Thailand.  I am a California Certified Massage Therapist.

I put much time and tears into creating this space.  Working through delays and frustration. Painting the right, soothing colors.  Choosing the right, comfortable furnishing.  Working many hours to create just the right room for a relaxing, peaceful, healing massage.  I want you to feel welcome and at home.

Personally, I very much like to receive massage. I want to make certain that I treat you the way I would like to be treated.

The massage I provide follows the practice of Swedish and Deep Tissue.  But it also includes my own, particular style of massage that touches the needs of your body and its muscles.  Each massage is conducted in a private, one-on-one environment.

"Light of Dawn" comes from my Thai name, Sangtawan, which means Light of Dawn.

I believe that after the dark, the light comes, a fresh start.  The beginning of new healing and new strength.  My passion comes from my heart into my work.  I look forward to sharing my passion with you, taking away your stress, providing a relaxing massage that heals and makes you feel whole.




While my healing massage is based in the elemental styles of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Combination massages, the core of my healing massage is free-style.  Free-style based on the individual needs of the client to assure the most healing massage possible.


- Cream & Gel (100% VEGAN)

- Herbal Balm 

- Essential Oils

- CBD MASSAGE OIL (Clinical Cannabidiol - TM) 

***Use of which product is best for you is decided

by discussion between you and me,

considering your physical needs



                                                                             PRICES AND SERVICES


                                              90 minute FULL BODY MASSAGE                                     $100

                                              120 minute Full Body HEALING MASSAGE                    $130



                                                                      WHY NOT 60 MINUTE MASSAGE?

            To provide you with a proper theraputic massage, the time required goes beyond 60 minutes.


                                                         Times listed are specifically for massage only

           Please make sure you have extra time for consultation, undress and dress so you are not rushed


How To Make An Appointment

If you want to make an appointment, just leave a voicemail or text telling me your name, phone number, which date, what time and how long (how many hours) you want.

Phone 818-671-7471.

Because my sessions are individual, private and specialized for women, when I am in a healing session I won't be able to answer the phone. As soon as I’m able, I will check the schedule and respond to you as soon as possible…certainly within twenty four hours.


For your benefit…AVOID making an appointment on the same day as you have appointments at the hair salon, nail salon, spray tan, etc.

Again, my sessions are private and dedicated to the individual to whom I’m giving a healing massage.  This is why I request enough time to properly respond to you and arrange a good, healing appointment.




Debit or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express)

No personal checks


Free parking on second level (no elevator)


20969 Ventura Blvd, Suite 17
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County 91364

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